An update on IBM and Virtual Worlds

March 13 2008 12:30:00 PM Comments Disabled
When I first started talking about Second Life and other virtual worlds, 3D internet, etc, many of you questioned why IBM would spend any time or money on something so silly.   I constantly repeated that this was not simply about "being in Second Life" (or any other specific vendor) but about IBM learning about the practical uses of 3D technologies, finding the value, and adding IBM's expertice in areas like scalability, security, etc.  Much like our early interest in the web, when no one cared about that!

Since I've not blogged about this in a while, I thought I'd provide a quick update, showing how IBM is helping children learn about saving the planet from environmental issues, helping businesses manage their datacenters, and helping the Healthcare industry plan for the future.

IBM launches PowerUp, a new free 3D multiplayer virtual science game for the classroom

Made in IBM Labs: IBM 3-D Data Centers Show Virtual Worlds Fit for Business

IBM Opens New 3D Virtual Healthcare Island on Second Life