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Domino Administration Resource Guide - Page 1
Last updated: May 4, 2007

Please also see my unofficial list of Lotus Notes/Domino Administration Products and my Notes/Domino 6 and Notes/Domino 7 resource pages.

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General Sources For Information:

IBM Redbook Domain For Lotus: IBM Redbooks are developed and published by IBM's International Technical Support Organization, the ITSO. We develop and deliver skills, technical know-how, and materials to technical professionals of IBM, Business Partners, and customers, and to the marketplace in general.

Lotus Support Knowledge Base: Welcome to the IBM software support page. Start here to access tools to get support for your IBM software products. You can search IBM's technical support knowledge base, download software updates and patches, submit and track problem reports online, and access self-help product support information.

Lotus Documentation: Browse this page for the most-up-to-date product documentation. You can download or view the documentation online.

Lotus Notes/Domino Notes.ini settings - Searchable reference site for ini variables.
Here is another database of notes.ini variables kept up to date by members of the Lotus Business Partner community.

Lotus developerWorks Forums: Join our public discussion forums, where the Lotus community meets to talk about Lotus software.

Lotus Domino Performance Page: Links to technical articles, whitepapers, and Redbooks about Domino performance

Lotus Domino Security Page: Links to security bulletins, technical articles, and Redbooks about Domino security.

IBM Server Sizing Guides: This site will help guide your decision on which IBM xSeries, pSeries, or iSeries hardware to buy.

Pricing / Licensing / Announcements / Legal

Knowledge Collection: Frequently Asked Questions about Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino - This Knowledge Collection is a focused compilation of documents to help address the most commonly asked questions about Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino.

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino licensing: IBM offers you three ways to license IBM Lotus Notes and Domino software to match your buying preferences and let you pay according to the function and flexibility you need.  NOTE: On each page, make sure to see the FAQ link on the right hand side.

Additional software entitlements with your Lotus Notes or Domino license: This site explains the additional software Domino customers are entitled to such as WebSphere Application Server and Lotus Sametime, Tivoli Analyzer for Domino, and Lotus Workflow and Lotus Domino Document Manager with Domino Utility Server purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions for Lotus Sametime, Instant Messaging Limited Use Entitlement for Qualified Lotus Notes/Domino Customers

FAQ Lotus Notes/Domino + Limited Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime) Entitlement

IBM Software Support and Maintenance

Fix Lists, Upcoming Releases, History of all Notices

Find Channel Annoucments

Find legal text: Software license agreements

Find Case Studies for customers befiting from Notes/Domino applications, Domino Express, Domino on Linux, customer migrations from competitive products, and more.

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