Firefox Plugin Survey

November 29 2008 09:30:00 AM Comments Disabled
Yesterday on Twitter/Facebook, I asked people what their one favourite Firefox add-on extension was.   I know that is tough, as most people have a long list.   What surprised me was the diversity of the answers, and how little overlap there was.

My single choice would be Tab Mix Plus.  My complete list of favs is: ColorfulTabs, Delicious Bookmarks, DownloadThemAll, Screengrab!, and FEBE.
I also have CSSViewer and Firebug installed, but since I don't code that often, I don't use them much.
I've just installed Read It Later, I'll see if it helps with my GTD goals.

Below is a list of some of the responses people provided.  I notice I have a lot of developer friends!
I really like the look of FireGestures and Ubiquity, I'm just not sure I'll remember to use them.
Thank you everyone, please keep the suggestions coming.