Introducing Box Embed - A New Framework For Content Collaboration

October 9 2012 09:00:00 AM Comments Disabled
I´ve got a feverToday Box announced Box Embed, their new HTML5 based framework that enables the content collaboration features of Box to be embedded into any web-based application.  At the time of launch ten enterprise software vendors announced their support for Box Embed: Concur, Cornerstone OnDemand, DocuSign, Eloqua, FuzeBox, Jive, NetSuite, Oracle, SugarCRM and Zendesk.

  • What's In A Name? Box Embed is the latest example of how Box continues to differentiate themselves from their competition in the enterprise file-sharing and synchronization market. So much so, that that term no longer does justice to what they offer. Box is now using the term "Enterprise Content Collaboration" to describe themselves, a term that I believe is fitting given what their product now does and its target audience.
  • Playing offence on both sides of the field: Box's integration story is growing in both directions as they are a) providing ways to integrate Box into other applications as well as b) providing ways for 3rd parties to add functionality into Box. Offering both method provides customers more flexibility than focusing them into a single way to work. The result is that customers will be able to use Box from within a wide variety of core business applications.
  • The best-of-breed versus integrated suite fight is back. In the 90s organizations struggled with the decision whether to buy their on-premises collaboration tools from a single vendor or assemble features from different companies. A similar scenario is playing out again, this time with cloud-based versions of collaboration, security, identity, business applications, etc. Customers will need to weigh the pros and cons of buying an entire portfolio of products from vendors such as IBM, SAP or Oracle, or integrating features from vendors such as Box + Jive + Okta + ProofPoint, etc. The Box Embed framework should make cross product integration easier, which may sway some customers to the best-of-breed approach and the benefits it provides. However, the same complications in purchasing, support, testing upgrades, etc. that existed a decade ago still remain true today.

Disclosure: Box is a customer of Constellation Research.