Lotus Notes/Domino Marketshare Is Growing

September 20 2007 12:47:41 PM Comments Disabled
In catching up on news articles today, I came across a nice graphic that I thought I should point out to my readers.  In the Wall Street Journal article titled "Free IBM Software Is Bid to Challenge Microsoft Office", they show a chart based on IDC data for collaboration software.  I'm not looking to turn this post into any type of competitive argument, I simply want to point out that the line for IBM went up, while the one for our competition went down.   This seems very note worthy to me.  Could we analyze it to death?  Sure.  But I'll stick to focusing on the positive, and am happy looking at the chart, and sharing it with you.
Image:Lotus Notes/Domino Marketshare Is Growing
Note: Arrows added by me, they are not in the original graphic.