Making the 3D Internet Fit For Business

October 12 2007 08:37:04 AM Comments Disabled
It has been a while since I blogged about Virtual Worlds.   In the past when I've mentioned services like Second Life, I've always pointed out that IBM's involvement in this space is not about "creating pretty little 3D islands where characters can walk around and bump into walls".   Instead, it is about getting involved from the earliest days to learn what works and what doesn't, to find the business applications for the technology, and to help drive the industry towards the 3D internet.   Why sit around and watch, when you can be one of the innovators.

This week IBM is participating in the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo.   This IBM press release explains how IBM is helping in areas such as Universal Avatars, Security-rich Transactions, Platform stability, Integration with existing Web and business processes, and Open standards for interoperability with the current Web.

Universe-Hopping for Avatars?
- "As the 3D Internet becomes more integrated with the current Web, we see users demanding more from these environments and desiring virtual worlds that are fit for business," said IBM's VP of digital convergence Colin Parris"
- "IBM and Linden Labs plan to develop technology which would let users take their avatars from one virtual world to another - complete with commerce information, of course!"

Open borders sought for virtual worlds
- "Interoperability is emerging as a key goal of the nascent virtual world industry"
- "An open system would let people create one avatar that would keep the same basic appearance and customer data no matter where it was in cyberspace."
- "Most participants are start-ups but the event has also attracted services and hardware heavyweights like IBM and Cisco, as well as software and entertainment giants Microsoft and Sony.
The event itself is seen as something of a coming-of-age milestone for an industry that is starting to be taken seriously as a provider of useful business tools and not just a quirky offshoot of the video game sectors"

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