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This page is a continuation of my Notes/Domino 7 Resource Center.

Last updated: September 27, 2006

Redpaper -
Security Considerations in Notes and Domino 7 (draft 15 February 2006): Strong security has always been part of the family of Lotus software products. More notably, it has been a feature which has made Lotus Notes and Domino an industry leader for security-rich messaging, calendar and scheduling capabilities. with a robust platform for collaborative applications With Lotus Notes and Domino 7, IBM extends the reach of Lotus Domino messaging and collaboration solutions while continuing to leverage your IT and application investments. The new version offers capabilities to support more people with fewer servers, to simplify administration and to provide tighter integration with Web standards.

RedPaper: Domino 7 Performance Tuning Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Domino Infrastructure - This IBM Redpaper discusses a best practices approach to Performance Tuning in Domino 7. It addresses both how to approach the science of performance tuning in a structured, logical manner, while also providing an in-depth discussion of specific configuration parameters to tune in specific situations.

IBM Lotus Domino 7 Performance Improvements: Whitepaper on Domino 7 server performance.

Lotus Domino 7 server performance, Part 1 Lotus Notes Client Workload: Lotus Notes and Domino 7 have shipped. Now everyone wants to know: how does it perform compared to its previous release? In this first of a three-part series, we discuss testing we performed to determine how the various Domino 7 platforms stack up against the previous release of Domino.

Lotus Domino 7 server performance, Part 2 Domino Web Access users: In this second of a three-part article series, we review the results of tests we performed to determine how Domino 7 compares with Domino 6.5 for supporting Domino Web Access users.

Lotus Domino 7 server performance, Part 3 Enterprise mail performance:  In the conclusion to our three-part article series, we look at test results we obtained by running the new Server.Load Enterprise Mail workload, introduced in Domino 7.

New workloads and features in Lotus Domino 7 Server.Load: Learn about all the new features we've added to the Lotus Domino 7 version of the Server.Load performance testing and planning tool.

Lotus Domino 7 performance in production at IBM on pSeries servers: In this article, we review the performance improvements we achieved by deploying Domino 7 on pSeries servers in a live IBM production environment.

Ferris Research - New Features and TCO Benefits of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 7 Report: "Organizations that upgrade from Notes/Domino 6 to 7 should achieve average cost reductions of 15% in both direct and user productivity categories…. The overall TCO of Notes/Domino 7 should be 8% to 9% lower than that of Notes/Domino 6." ... "Organizations that upgrade from release 5 to release 7 will see the greatest TCO impact. We project average reductions of 31% in direct costs, 15% in platform costs, and 26% in user productivity, resulting in an overall TCO decrease of 22%."

Lotus Domino Domain Monitoring:  The purpose of this Redpaper is to show system administrators and IT architects how to use & leverage the capabilities of the new Lotus Domino domain monitoring feature of IBM Lotus Domino 7.  Animated Demo.

Lotus Education on Demand: Domino Domain Monitoring: This workshop introduces you to Domino Domain Monitoring, commonly abbreviated as DDM. DDM is a new feature in Lotus Domino 7 intended to provide a simple, flexible and powerful interface for Domino administrators to monitor the servers in their domain.

Using Smart Tags in Lotus Notes/Domino 7: This tip shows you how to integrate Lotus Notes 7.0 with Microsoft Office XP with the new Smart Tags feature. It explains how to enable the Smart Tags in Microsoft Word.

All about AutoSave in Lotus Notes/Domino 7: With AutoSave enabled, Notes documents are saved (on a timer event set by the user) to a local database. This way, if Notes or your computer crashes for any reason, you have a copy of your latest work, ready to be recovered.

Rooms and Resources Design in Lotus Notes/Domino 7: Learn about how we've improved the design and function of the Rooms and Resources feature in Lotus Notes/Domino 7.

New Rooms and Resources features in Lotus Notes/Domino 7 part 2.

Important R&R related technotes:
- How the new Rooms and Resources Manager works in Domino 7
- Functional changes in Domino 7 for reservations directly booked in the Resource database
- What is the purpose of the RnRMgr task in ND7?
- Clustering the Domino 7 Resource Reservations database
- How do Advance limits on reserving a room or resource work in Domino 7?

Using message disclaimers in Lotus Notes/Domino 7: This tip describes how to implement message disclaimers in Notes mail using the new Mail Settings document and Message Disclaimers options in the Configuration Settings document in Lotus Notes/Domino 7.

Controlling spam: Advanced SMTP settings in Lotus Domino, Part 2
Find out how to control spam mail using the Server document and Notes.ini variables. Then preview the anti-spam controls in Lotus Notes/Domino 7 and see what’s ahead. This article is part two in a series about Lotus Domino methods of spam control.

For Application Developers

: IBM Lotus Domino 7 Application Development: With Version 7, IBM Lotus Domino Designer software builds on its reputation for being a premier collaborative application development tool for Lotus Domino software-based applications.  As an integral part of the IBM Workplace family, Lotus Domino Designer software helps companies improve employee productivity and build and deploy Lotus Domino applications more quickly, thereby enabling organizations to be more responsive to changing business initiatives. New features focus on tighter integration with Web standards, more interoperability with IBM technologies and ease of use.  This IBM Redpaper shows application developers how to use the powerful, new features in Domino 7 by enhancing an example application.

WebCast: What is New for Application Development in Notes/Domino 7
This Lotus Software Development Platform webcast examines IBM Lotus Domino Designer 7, Lotus Enterprise Integrator 7 and Lotus Workflow 7.   Available 2005 Oct 18 to 2006 Jan 16.

Lotus Notes/Domino 7 application performance: Part 1: Database properties and document collections
This series covers three areas of application performance: database properties, document collections, and views. In part 1, we will discuss database properties and document collections. In each case, we will point out areas that are most significant and provide concise, real-world examples to help you understand what to do in your own applications.

Lotus Notes/Domino 7 application performance: Part 2: Optimizing database views
In part two of this article series, we explain how you can build views that are optimized for performance in your Notes/Domino applications.

Lotus Notes/Domino 7 Web Services: Web Services is new in Lotus Notes/Domino 7. This article introduces you to the new Web Services design element, showing how to create one in Domino Designer, and describes how to implement Web Services with both LotusScript and Java code examples.

Tutorial: Quickly create Domino Web services - New Web services function in Domino 7 speeds development: This tutorial shows you how to use the new Web services design element in IBM Lotus Domino 7 for rapid creation of Web services in the LotusScript and Java programming languages.

Julian Robichaux presentation about Web Services.  Podcast (you don't need an iPod, any MP3 player is fine)
- Part 1: Introduction to Web Services
- Part 2: How Notes/Domino 7 can play in the world of service oriented architectures.  

Troubleshooting application performance: Part 2: New tools in Lotus Notes/Domino 7: We conclude our two-part series on troubleshooting Domino application performance with a look at new tools introduced in Lotus Notes/Domino 7 that can help you identify potential performance issues in your applications.

Security APIs in Notes/Domino 7: In this article, we discuss many different features related to the new Notes/Domino 7 Notes encryption/decryption APIs.

Integrating Lotus Notes with IBM Workplace Client Technology
The Notes Application plug-in for the IBM Workplace Client Technology, rich edition lets you work with your Notes applications in the Workplace rich client just as you would in the Notes 7 client. Discover the benefits this integration has to offer.

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 7 and Extended Products Portlets provides a set of ready-to-use collaborative portlets for standard Notes and Domino features such as e-mail, calendar and scheduling, discussion, teamrooms, and to-dos, as well as the Notes View capability that lets you work with the documents from any view of any Notes database. Portlets based on extended products let you conduct Web conferences, manage documents, see a list of your QuickPlaces, find people in your company directory, use other Domino applications as portlets, and more.

Lotusphere 2006 Presentations and Samples Wiki: Lots of content on ND7 for users, developers, and administrators.

Lotusphere 2005 Developer's Presentations: Please note: These presentations were from January 2005, details may have changed between the time of these presentations and the actual Notes/Domino 7 release.

DB2NSF Resources

IBM Lotus Domino with IBM DB2 storage for Lotus Notes mail users - Lotus Domino with DB2 storage was first available as a limited release for customers in Lotus Domino 7.0. This article focuses on performance benchmark results that simulate Notes mail users by using the R6Mail workload

Improving Domino 7 and DB2 Performance documentation.
Download Notes database in zip file or Download Notes database in self-extracting zip file or View online.

Exploiting IBM DB2 in your Lotus Domino 7 application: In this article, we discuss how you can work with the new IBM DB2 integration features offered in Lotus Domino 7.  Lotus Domino 7 introduced the ability to use DB2 as a data store. This feature allows you to use both DB2 and Domino databases, accessing and viewing data stored in either format. This brings the best of both worlds to your environment. Notes users gain access to DB2 features, such as relational constructs and System Query Language (SQL)-based views. While DB2 users can take advantage of Domino features such as replication and security.

Lotus Domino and DB2: Domino 7 introduces the ability to utilize IBM DB2 Universal Database as an alternative storage mechanism for Lotus Domino data.   Learn more about the details of Lotus Domino and DB2 functionality, including “How-to” and best practices information.

Lotus Domino and DB2 feature FAQ: Answers to questions such as What is the Lotus Domino and DB2 feature of Lotus Domino 7, Why would I use the Lotus Domino and DB2 feature, Does DB2 replace NSF, and more...

Domino 7 Meets DB2: Lotus Domino 7 promises increased scalability through integration with IBM DB2. Here are some of the new things you can do with Domino 7, and how to get started with the DB2 integration. * Requires Lotus Advisor Membership

Get Ready for NSFDB2 - The down-and-dirty guide to DB2 for Domino gurus. * Requires Lotus Advisor Membership

Domino 7 and DB2: Effective Use of Access and Query Views - LotusSphere 2005 presentation given by Groupware Competence Center.

Training and Certification

- Jacob Solutions - The Power of IBM Lotus Notes 7

- Lotus Education - Notes Domino 7 Courses: The Power of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 7, Exploring the New Features of IBM Lotus Domino 7 Administration, Exploring the New Features of IBM Lotus Domino Designer 7, Introducing IBM D2 Concepts, Configuring IBM Lotus Domino 7 with DB2 UDB, and more.
- Using IBM Lotus Notes 7 Reference Card
- Lotus Notes Learning Tools

- Mentor for Lotus Notes

- RockTeam - IBM Lotus Notes / Domino 7 Classes.

- The Learning Continuum Company (TLCC) - Notes Domino 7 Courses: DB2 for Domino 7 Administrators and Developers , Notes Domino 7 Application Development Update , and more.

- wareSource - Lotus Notes/Domino 7 Courseware: Lotus Notes 6.5 to 7 User Update, Lotus Domino 6.5 to 7 Administrator Update, Lotus Domino 6.5 to 7 Developer Update,Designer 7: Basic Notes Applications / Special Notes Features / Basic Browser Applications, and DB2 for Domino 7 Administrators and Developers.