Oracle Adds LinkedIn Support To Their Social Publishing Platform

July 19 2014 11:00:00 AM Add/Read Comments [3]
This past week at Oracle's Marketing Cloud Interact 2014 conference they announced the addition of LinkedIn as one of the destinations that their Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform can publish articles to. The Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service (OSMCS) enables marketing professionals to create, publish and monitor content across multiple web sites from a single location. The new LinkedIn capability expands the existing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube destinations.  

Image 1: Easily publish to multiple destinations at the same time

MyPOV: As the number of social media and social networking sites increases, marketing professionals have an increasingly difficult time making sure their content reaches the correct audience via all the right channels. LinkedIn Company and Showcase pages are an important destination for brands, so at a time where LinkedIn is removing access to their API from almost all partners, this new feature is an excellent addition for Oracle customers.

Image 2: Configure workflow and see preview for content will look at each destination

Collaborative Marketing Campaigns

Since its inception, Oracle Social Network (OSN) has always been focused on integration with Oracle's core business applications such as CRM, ERP, HR, etc. While engaging with customers and prospects happens outside an organization's firewall, it's important than employees be able to collaborate internally as they plan and track their marketing efforts. Constellation Research expects to see Oracle showcase deep integration between OSN and the various Oracle Marketing Cloud products (Eloqua, Responsys, BlueKai, etc.) later this year at Oracle OpenWorld.