Paste Information Application

April 26 2005 10:00:00 PM Comments Disabled
Today's entry is not really a "tip" about using Notes but instead an little application that I wrote which I think will help you tremendously.

Do you have bits of information that you reuse over and over again, and you're frustrated by re-typing it each time?   For example entering conference call numbers into calendar entries, sharing URLs, product information, maps to your home or office, pre-written response text to emails, etc?    If so, read on and learn about a little application I've written that I'd like to share with you.

The Notes database "Paste Information" serves as the repository for the content you wish to reuse.  The database is divided into two frames, the left side is the list of documents, and the right hand side is a preview pane that shows the selected document.   For example, below is a document with a map to my office.

Image:Paste Information Application

When I am in an email message (or any Notes document for that matter) I move my cursor to the desired position (#1 in the screen capture below), click on the "Paste Information" Toolbar icon (#2 below, and instructions to add this follow), and then choose the document "Map to the office". (#3 below)

Image:Paste Information Application

This results in the content from the "Map to the office" document being pasted into the email message as shown below.

Image:Paste Information Application

The more creative you get with this application, the more useful you will find it.   I have dozens of documents stored on my copy, and I use it all the time.  Remember, this does not work for just in email, you can paste content into any rich text field.   Discussion Databases, TeamRooms, calendar entries, even blog documents!


----- Install Instructions -----


First save the two files, "pasteinformation.nsf" and "quote.gif" attached above to your Lotus Notes data directory.

Next you need to create the custom Toolbar icon:

1. Select the following text and copy it to your clipboard:
database := "pasteinformation.nsf" ;
choicelist := @DbColumn("" : "ReCache" ; "" : database ; "($All)" ; 0 );
dockey := @Prompt([OkCancelList] ; "Add text..." ; "Please choose the document title containing the content you wish to paste at the current cursor position." ; "" ; choicelist) ;
@PostedCommand([FileOpenDatabase]; "" : database  ; "($All)" ; dockey ; 1 ; 1 ) ;
@PostedCommand([EditDocument]) ;
@PostedCommand([EditGotoField] ; "Body" ) ;
@PostedCommand([EditSelectAll]) ;
@PostedCommand([EditCopy]) ;
@PostedCommand([FileCloseWindow]) ;
@PostedCommand([FileCloseWindow]) ;

2. From the Notes menus select "File - Preferences - Toolbar Preferences..."

3. In the resulting "Toolbar Preferences" dialog box, on the left hand side click "Customize"

4. Click "New - Button"

5. In the resulting "Edit Toolbar Button" dialog box, enter text for the button caption and popup help, and then in the formula field paste in the text you copied above.

Image:Paste Information Application

6. Click on "Change Icon"

7. Click on "New"

8. Select the "quote.gif" file that you saved above, and click Open.
Image:Paste Information Application

9. Click on "OK"

10. You will now see the new Icon on the Toolbar Contents preview.   If you would like you can leave it where it is, personally I like to move it to the far left using the "Left" Reorder button.   Click on "Save Toolbar" and then "OK"
Image:Paste Information Application