Paste Plain Text

August 29 2007 09:58:43 AM Comments Disabled
Have you ever used the menu command Edit  >> Paste Special... >> Text?   If so, here is a neat Lotus Notes add-on which will remove all rich text formatting of the clipboard contents (if they're HTML or Rich Text or a Spreadsheet selection) and paste it into your Notes client as just plain text.  Now instead of multiple steps using the menu options, you can simply use the keystrokes CTRL+SHIFT+Insert, or CTRL+SHIFT+V.

*If you don't know what I am talking about, then I guess I should do a separate blog entry on what Paste Special - Text does. :-)


- This is completely unsupported by IBM.   No really, don't call.
- This DLL is only for Windows.
- Once you have unformatted the clipboard contents with this, the rich text properties are gone. So even if you use the standard CTRL+V afterwards, only plain text will be pasted.   You'll have to copy the rich text to the clipboard again if you need the full formatting.

Install instructions:

1) Copy the accelerator.dll file to your notes.exe directory.

2) Add the following line to your notes.ini file:


3) Restart your notes client.