Recovering From My Blackberry’s Meltdown

July 2 2009 09:00:00 AM Comments Disabled
I've been having big problems with my BlackBerry Curve this week.  First, the battery would only last a few hours.  Next, it pretty much stopped responding, taking almost a minute sometimes to highlight an icon.  Then, email just stopped coming in.

Turns out, I was out of disk space.  Not low. Out.  0 bytes available.

It would have been nice to have had a low space warning and some indication of why email stopped.

I was pointed to this article to help me clean up the space.  A few tips on there I knew about, but others I did not, so it was well worth the read.

Now I have 1MB of the 55 free, and things seem to be going ok.

I don't have many apps installed; TwitterBerry, FaceBook, GMail, NewsGator Go, Google Maps, and Handango.  I have a 2 GB SD card added, I wish more programs could be stored there, or at least their data.