Rise of the Social Enterprise - Game Changers Broadcast

January 15 2014 08:45:00 AM Add/Read Comments [1]
Below is the webcast on the rise of the social enterprise that I participated in along with Michael Miscisin from Ernst & Young and Anthony Leaper from SAP. The show was hosted by Bonnie D. Graham.  We discussed several aspects of social technologies and the culture around them.  Here are a few of the key talking points:

Alan: “Changing to ‘social’ just for the sake of it is a losing strategy. You need to have a plan that maps the right tools as solutions to specific problems. No one tool is going to solve everything.”

Michael: “Social media can no longer be the purview of the summer intern, a small group in marketing, or outsourced to a PR agency. The ‘Social Enterprise’ is a concept that leverages the full scale of any company, to build trusted relationships that benefit each function, division, business unit, and geography.”

Anthony: “By using the label ‘social enterprise’, are we in danger of focusing on it in isolation of the bigger picture, thus potentially diminishing its value? After all, social + nothing = 0. We can all be ‘Social’!”

I also talked about:
- If you're going to enable openness and transparency so that everyone has a voice, you have to make sure there is someone listening and taking action.
- A person's digital proficiency is not solely tied to their age
- Personal Analytics enable people to see the impact and reach of their contributions. It enables people to see how the posts, files, etc. they have created are doing within their organization. Which are popular, which are not. Where should they spend more (or less) of my time. I call it "small data".  I like to say "Don't forget the me, in social media.”