What I Hope To Hear About At YamJam

October 28 2012 05:30:00 PM Comments Disabled
QuestionsOn Oct 29 & 30, Yammer is holding their annual conference YamJam in San Francisco.  I will be there both as an attendee as well as to moderate a panel. (more information on that below)

The following are three key questions I hope Yammer will answer during the event:

  • How Are Customers Deriving Value From Yammer? - Social Business is beginning to move past the initial hype stage to the point in the market life-cycle where the focus is now on business value. Yammer needs to showcase customer success stories that highlight how employees are using Yammer to more effectively get their jobs done, and the benefits their organizations are seeing as a result. To put it simply, Yammer needs to prove it is more than just a platform for sharing links and status updates.

  • What's The Opportunity For Business Partners? - A strong partner ecosystem is a key component of any successful platform. Yammer has done a good job over the last year in introducing several new partner integrations, but the competition for mind-share with developers is heating up. As vendors like IBM, Jive, Salesforce and SAP ramp up their partner programs, Yammer needs to prove why their platform is one partners should be building applications, integrations, tools and services around. A key part of this involves explaining how Yammer fits into the Microsoft Partner Program. Which takes us to...

  • What are the Impacts of the Microsoft Acquisition? - It's been four months since Microsoft's $1.2B acquisition of Yammer. While that is not a lot of time, it is enough for them to start publically disclosing information about the combined YammerSoft roadmap, both in terms of product and go to market strategies. What part will Yammer play in Micosoft's upcoming launches of SharePoint 2013, Office365, even Windows 8? As mentioned above, how does the Microsoft Partner Program impact Yammer partners? Has Microsoft starting using Yammer internally? If so, how does that compare with the usage of SharePoint and Lync? Will we see any product demos (even early betas) of Yammer and Office integration? How is Microsoft positioning (and selling) Yammer to their current customers? Will any Microsoft executives be at YamJam?

If you have any other questions you'd like me to look into during YamJam, please let me know.

I mentioned above that I'll be moderating a panel during YamJam. It is titled, The Business Case For Partnering With Yammer, and I will be interviewing executives from Kanjoya, Mindflash, Spigit and Ultimate Software.  If you're attending YamJam, I hope you'll join us at 2:15pm on Monday.

Ill leave you with a few questions:
  • Is your company using Yammer, or thinking about using it?
  • Are you a business partner deciding which vendors you should be working with?
  • Are you a Microsoft customer and are curious about where Yammer fits in?
  • Do you just want to understand more about how social networking can be used at work?

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