What I Hope To Hear About At BoxWorks

October 7 2012 11:30:00 AM Comments Disabled
rocket taking offOctober 7th through the 9th Box is hosting their customer/partner conference, BoxWorks. The theme of the show is Business Without Boundaries. While there will obviously be lots of information about Box, the conference also features several keynotes by some of the industry's most notable visionaries and business leaders such as Marc Andreessen and Clayton Christensen. It should be quite an informative and entertaining event.

Box is one of the industry's hottest tech startups. At the beginning of 2011 they had ~125 employees. By this time last year they had doubled to ~250. Now just twelve months later they have grown to over 600 Boxers. The company has raised close to $300M in funding, with $125M of that coming in just the last few months. They claim over 120,000 business use Box. By all measures, Box is skyrocketing.

But with all this momentum comes high expectations and lots of questions. Below are a few of the things I hope to hear about during the event:

  • Product Roadmap: Box is clearly trying to differentiate themselves from being just another in the long list of "file sharing and sync" services, ala DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive.  I hope to hear about what's on their product roadmap as they attempt to evolve the company into a leading Enterprise Content Collaboration vendor.
  • Sales and Marketing: What go-to-market strategies does Box plan on using to compete in this highly contested industry? Which markets/industries do they plan on focusing on? What pricing structures will they use to compete as file-sharing becomes a commodity feature of the larger collaboration platforms? (ex: SalesForce's recent ChatterBox announcement, the upcoming release of SharePoint 2013, etc.)
  • Partner Ecosystem: What training, and more importantly incentive, will Box provide application developers to build using Box as the context storage service? How will they compete against other cloud alternatives such as Amazon, Force.com, Oracle Public Cloud and others. I'm curious about the success of the Box Innovation Network (/bin) which they launched last year and what the next steps for that program are.

I'd also like to point out that I am honoured to be participating in BoxWorks, moderating a panel on Tuesday at 11:30am. The session is titled Enterprise Software, Silicon Valley’s Surprising Star: How consumers are morphing the future of the industry. I'm really excited to speak with four amazing entrepreneurs and though leaders:
I'm looking forward to asking them about how their companies are impacting the Future of Work and where they see things going. Please comment below to submit any questions you would like them to answer.

If you're attending BoxWorks please make sure to say hello.

Disclosure: Box is a customer of Constellation Research.