What I Hope To Hear About At Oracle OpenWorld

September 30 2012 06:30:00 PM Comments Disabled
Oracle OpenWorld (OOW12) is taking place in San Francisco Sept 30 - October 4th.

There are two main areas that I will be focusing on:

Will Oracle Social Network Finally Be Available?
At OpenWorld 2011 Oracle announced their cloud-delivered collaboration platform Oracle Social Network (OSN).  It's been a year, and unfortunately when you sign-up for OSN you're still met with the message "You have been placed in queue for access to controlled availability services." I really hope at OOW12 they announce that the service is finally available for customers and trial accounts. The demo videos posted on the OSN website are from Feb 2012, so why is the code still not available?  Similar to SalesForce and SAP, Oracle's potential strength in social business is providing deep integration with Oracle's core-business applications such as CRM, HR and ERP.

Can The New Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite Win Customers Over?
Oracle has been busy working on ways to help organizations improve the way they interact with their customers. These interactions take place via social networking and mobile features that augment company's existing sales, marketing and support channels. The majority of Oracle's Customer Experience (CX) offerings come from the acquisitions of Vitrue, Collective Intellect and Involver. They have assembled these three products into the new Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite, which is initially composed of two offerings:
  • Social Engagement and Monitoring: The combination of Collective Intellect and Involver
  • Social Marketing: The re-branding of Vitrue

While many software vendors are now offering social media monitoring, Oracle's is counting on the integration with their Fusion CRM applications, e-commerice tools (ATG) and customer support platform (RightNow) to be a key competitive differentiator.

I also hope to spend time on a third topic, application development.

Can Oracle's Public Cloud Woo Application Developers?
One of the hottest areas in cloud computing right now is the creation of platforms for application developers to build custom applications without having to manage their own infrastructure components such as security, directory, database, etc. This is often referred to as Platform As A Service, or PAAS and two of the most popular platforms are currently Salesforce's Force.com and Amazon Web Services. Oracle is putting a lot of resources behind their Oracle Java Cloud, hoping to woo developers with differentiators such as the ability to mix and match applications and services that are hosted in the cloud and on-premises.

OpenWorld is a huge event, with keynotes and sessions taking place over the course of four days.  I have several executive interviews and customers meetings scheduled and I look forward to what should be an informative, entertaining, and tiring week.